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Work Experience

Students get hands on

Eddie Murray

Talent Acquisition Partner gives Cirencester College lecture on work experience students.

"It's an opportunity to find out what students really want to do."

Work Experience Student

Robbie Hirst

IT Level 3 student from Cirencester College in Cirencester.

In April 2017 we were joined for work experience by Robbie Hirst, an IT Level 3 BTEC student from nearby Cirencester College. Robbie spent his week here learning about all aspects of IT Support and networking.

Robbie thinks this will be invaluable when he returns to college, as on his course they learn the theory from PowerPoint slides in lectures, but here he was able to see how this translates into a real working example.

Robbie is very keen to finish his college course and move into an IT Apprenticeship in a local business.

"I would recommend Hardware.com work experience to not just IT students at college but all departments."

Work Experience Students

Alice Taylor & Jess Hemns

IT & Software Development BTEC students from New College in Swindon.

Alice and Jess felt that everything they had done in college was pure theory, so having the chance to get more involved has helped make things stick in their minds better and they feel they have really had the chance to put the theory into practice.

They enjoyed getting involved with all areas of the business and doing different stuff every day and they feel more prepared for next year when they move onto the practical side of networking.

"We learned so much, as in our class we have only done theory, and here we have actually been able to put our skills into practice."

Work Experience Students

Ben Lloyd & Liam Osborn

IT Level 3 students from Wiltshire College in Chippenham.

Ben and Liam spent a day with our IT Support team learning to use the active directory and ensure that joiners and leavers were given the correct level of access.

They also spent a day with the Tech Ops team in our Swindon office where they could see how hardware gets refurbished, take apart a laptop and experience the logistics side of our business.

They feel more prepared for next year at college, when they move onto the practical side of networking.

"Our work experience week was inciteful as it shows how the company really works."


Start your career by doing something you love

Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA)

Why Choose a Hardware.com apprenticeship?

Apprentices help address the IT industry skills gap

It's a great time to join us, as we continue to enjoy success and healthy growth within the IT industry. We have also been a part of the Apprentice Scheme for several years, taking on apprentices at the Hardware.com Headquarters in Kemble.

Ours is a dynamic brand driven by a passion to exceed customer expectations, which is why we are looking to invest in individuals who can help achieve our ambitious plans.

We offer opportunities to start your career and nurture you in new and exciting directions, Hardware.com apprenticeships combine on-the-job experience and formal training to give you the knowledge and skills to get your career off the ground. Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain hands on experience in the workplace whilst getting industry recognised qualifications.

Our in-house academy provides comprehensive product training whilst our training partner delivers valuable sales courses to ensure our graduates/interns have all the skills required to succeed in the role and are able to deliver the highest quality of service and expertise to our customers.

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Work Experience Students

Archie Doyle

Account Manager, Hardware.com

Archie Doyle, now an Account Manager at Hardware.com talks about what life was like as an apprentice after studying at Cirencester College.

"The nerves of a new and first job were massive, however, I’m working with a fantastic group of people where I have had the warmest of welcomes and settled straight in. I have come straight from Cirencester College to Hardware.com having completed my Business A level. I have chosen to go down the route of an apprenticeship scheme as I believed this will allow me to gain vast experience, contacts and ultimately knowledge of a real life working business and its industry. This is something I don't feel I would gain at university; already within a month of working at Hardware.com I feel my knowledge of the industry has improved tremendously and I add something to my department.

I applied for this job as I believed it to be a brilliant opportunity for myself. An ever expanding company giving me chances to progress my career and simply project myself into a very interesting industry

"To anyone looking at an apprenticeship with the Hardware.com I would say jump at the chance, grab it with both hands and give everything you have to taking advantage of it. It really is a brilliant opportunity".


Bridging the skills gap

Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA)

Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA)

Academic Alliance: The Best Fit for Your Institute

JNAA is an innovative, flexible approach to bringing Juniper technology to the academic community. The Mission of the Academic Alliance is to foster a closer relationship between Juniper Networks and the Academic community.

The Juniper Academic Alliance program (JNAA) establishes ongoing relationships between Juniper Networks and leading universities, colleges and other academic institutes that are known to specialise in studies of engineering, software development, microelectronics, and telecommunication.

The JNAA program identified that Hardware.com and Lillebaelt Academy were both very progressive in their thinking and would have a number of synergies and alignments.

Hardware.com welcomed Peter Liljehof Thomsen (Assistant Professor) from Lillebaelt Academy, University of Applied Science in Odense, Denmark to it's Global HQ in Gloucestershire. During the visit Peter was able to catch up with Philippe Bräuner and Oscar Jensen, both students of his taking a five month technical internship at Hardware.com as part of the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA).

Oscar Jensen

Oscar Jensen

Systems Engineer, Hardware.com

Oscar began life at Hardware.com as a Technical Services Intern, and was part of the Juniper Academic Alliance program, from Lillebaelt Academy in Denmark.

Find out more.

"I've felt like a part of the team from day one instead of an intern, and everyone is really nice. We are given real responsibility and it's good to see that we can use the skills we learned in real networking situations."

Richard Beno

Richard Beno

Lillebaelt Intern, Hardware.com

"I was given serious projects in real-life situations, planning and implementing ideas to meet demanding business deadlines whilst pushing the boundaries of being an intern."

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